Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hachiko HD gaming Made In Indonesia

Hachiko HD An iPad game was much loved in the United States. HD gaming is titled Hachiko was made ​​in Indonesia. Hachiko HD Lite, a free version of Hachiko HD, was perched at position 7 from the list of most popular free applications on the iPad to users in the U.S..
Game is a work of Touchten, an original developer who founded Anton Soeharyo Indonesia, Dede Indrapurna and Rokimas P Soeharyo.

The game does have a 'taste' Japan because the creator had to study in Japan. In a statement received detikINET, Thursday (14/07/2011), CEO Touchten Soeharyo Anton said the game was inspired by the story of a faithful dog in Japan.

Previously Touchten never release a game called Sushi Chain which has been downloaded by more than 2 million iPhone users worldwide.

Anton promised his company would continue developing the game in the IOS. The target, a moment Indonesia could produce work that rivals the popularity of Angry Birds.

Curious Hachiko would like to try? The game is available in the free version (Lite HachikoHD) and paid (HachikoHD) at the Apple iTunes AppStore her. (DetikINET)

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