Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Free Mobile

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thousands of People Playing on 'Indonesia Bermain'

In the grand mat, which was centered in the Sasana Culture Ganesha (Sabuga) Bandung, thousands of people are enthusiastically trying to either board games, digital or mobile games.
Not only from Bandung, many people from outside the city such as Jakarta, Bogor and Jakarta arrived with his family.

As Alina (5 years) who came with his family from Bogor. Expression of joy painted on her face while playing the tire in front of the entrance.

"I know this show from my friend in Bandung. Incidentally vacation, so I take the kids to play here. They are very happy positive melhat many games here," said Rose (32 years), Alina's mother when talking with ITGazine.

Play a positive message here that want to be appointed by Agate Studio Kummara and Indonesia as initiator of Play.

"We want to bring a positive spirit of play. Play makes a lot of things become more positive. Whatever there is negative if taken too far. Now, through this event we want to bring a lot of great potential of the play," said Eko Nugroho, Indonesia Playing initiator of Kummara.

In this event not only invited to play, but also there is a conference and sharing the creative community.

In the conference sessions, some figures from a variety of different backgrounds to talk about the positive value of the game. They are Aidil Akbar Majid (senior financial planner), Arief Budiman (Managing Director of PT Petakumpet Creative Network), Irzan Nurman (doctor), Ridwan Kamil (Indonesia Gardening architecture and initiator), Wicak Hidayat (media).

In addition, some figures in the gaming industry such as Bullitt Sesariza (Director of Interactive Logic), Ami Raditya (writer and designer Vandaria Wars card game), Intan Rizky Mutiaz (Video Director, Faculty of Art and Design ITB) and Ary Setijadi Prihatmanto (Chairman of the Program S2 Digital Media and Games Technology ITB) also fill the conference in Indonesia Play.

The event was held over two consecutive days starting on Saturday (22.10.2011) to Sunday (23.10.2011).

"Congratulations to celebrate playing together. Indonesia," Eko said excitedly.


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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Battery Indicator Pro (2.3.2) For Android

Battery indicator is very effective for guard duty running out of battery
sometimes we have a battery in the android is still full. but suddenly a few moments later battery is exhausted.
when we are outside that is not necessarily any electrical connection, and we again need the android. what he must do so would not want to wait for the answer first.
story above should not happen at your event or can be experienced by you. the Battery Indicator Pro (2.3.2) can be a solution for the anticipated Day then.

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Alarm Master (1.0) For Android

For those of you who like to wake up late, the software of this android will wake you up on time
Often you do install the alarm but you do not wake up when the alarm was sounded, you would include people who sleep too soundly alias (kebluk).
but do not worry, android prepare a special software for you so that you wake up in accordance with your wishes, with Alarm Master you will be awakened and can be setup with your needs.

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